Dear Publisher,

We are The Pack Studios, a team of experienced game developers dedicated to creating innovative and engaging video games. We have already released two successful games, “Ephesus” and “Under the Moon”, and are now working on our latest project, “Quicksand”.

“Quicksand” is an intense third-person shooter that follows the story of an American soldier in Middle East, who must navigate a dangerous world of terrorism, corruption, and mafia alliances in order to rescue his kidnapped family. With stunning graphics, gripping gameplay, and a compelling storyline, “Quicksand” promises to be an exciting addition to the video game market.

Our team consists of a executive, a developer, two 3D artists, and a level designer. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality games on time and within budget, and we are confident that “Quicksand” will be no exception.

We are developing it in Unreal Engine 5 with good realistic graphics. Game contains 25 levels and a free-roam level between those levels.

You can see the current videos of the game from here:

This is the announcement trailer of the game:

Another video (Not final)

We are seeking a publishing partner to help us bring “Quicksand” to a wider audience. With your expertise in marketing and distribution, we believe that together we can create a successful and profitable game that will entertain and engage players around the world.

Thank you for considering The Pack Studios as your next game development partner. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We would like to talk details on meets if you are interested.


Doruk Ayar

Co-founder and Lead Developer

The Pack Studios

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