We are gaming enthusiasts! We are development junkies! We are professionals who never lose our amateur spirit! 

Though all five of us have different professions, we share one great passion: “Video games”. And now we’re applying our strengths to our passion. 

Before starting the development of Ephesus, we delved deeply into Ephesus’s magnificent history, a shining example of the incredible city planning and beautiful architecture of the Roman Empire. We organized a tour to Ephesus to experience this great civilization and listen to this unique history and legends from the professionals and feel the atmosphere in our souls.

We have one unwavering target to give our fellow gamers the chance to experience Ephesus as a Roman citizen would. Our promise is this; we will develop the entire game with all the passion and devotion we have. Because experiences in life bring joy and wonder and it’s our dream to bring you an experience which you’ve never felt before.

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