Early Development Phase

Greetings fellow citizens of Great Roman Empire!

We’ve been working on Ephesus for some time. Now it’s time for us to share our journey through development.

Our pack contains 5 people who has different professions but one big dream: “Gaming”. We love to play games as develop them. For years we all had a dream about to start a gaming studio and this dream has brought us together. Now we hope that Ephesus will finance us to fulfill our dream.

Ephesus is a realistic survival game placed in Ancient Rome containing crafting and building sequences. While you’re trying to survive in this fascinating land you need to manage your economy and your village. You can create your own trading methods. You can be a farmer, trader, hunter etc. for your main goal. Hector’s great desire is to start his own Ludus Gladiatorius.

We are planning to release our game as an early access game on Steam at the beginning. We will announce our road map to you dear fellows as soon as possible!

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