Development Sessions

When we had a thought we needed to turn our passion to our profession, the world had started to collapse. First the pandemic and then earthquakes in our land decreased our motivation seriously, because our office was not able to be workable anymore. Then we believed that nothing could stop us. We started to work from our homes. Hence in our development sessions we were really challenged.


When we decided to develop “Ephesus”, we knew that reading the history of this city or searching for realistic illustrations of Ephesus wouldn’t be enough to understand the whole historical journey. There were too many stories to be heard and lots of feelings to be experienced. So we decided that we needed to visit that historical site and learn the legends and history from the professionals and domestic citizens.


Once you go to Ephesus you understand that, this fascinating city is not just ruins. This city represents the most powerful times of Roman Empire. When you are walking down the marble roads, you can feel the luxury of the times. When you are standing right in the middle of the Ancient Theatre, you can feel the excitement of the gladiators, actors and actresses which were performed in that point.


Our main reason to plan this trip was to create our own documentation about Ephesus and use the high resolution photographs we took in the coverings of the game. Hence, when you are walking down The Street of Curetes or standing in front of the Celsus Library and even walking between the narrow streets of Terracce Houses you will see the real coverings of the Ephesus’s.


Photographs and videos won’t be enough to understand this city. You need to listen and learn from professionals about the history of Ephesus. Therefore while we were taking videos and photos, professionals kept telling us the whole story and legends of this glorious city. So you will experience the history and rumors through our perspective in Ephesus’s storyline.

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